Markus HEBER

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Office:  Room E.3.12
  Multiple View Geometry, Mirror Geometry, 3D Reconstruction,
Object Recognition & Tracking, Industrial Computer Vision

Short CV:

Markus Heber received his BSc Degree in Telematics from the Graz University of Technology in 2006. He further received his MSc Degree in Telematics from the Graz University of Technology in 2008. He then worked as research assistant at the Insitute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG) where his research focused on Industrial Object Tracking and Visual Quality Inspection. He finished his PhD Thesis entitled Tracking and Visual Quality Inspection in Harsh Environments under the supervision of Prof. Horst Bischof and Prof. Margrit Gelautz in January 2013.


Weld Analysis in Harsh Environments
Quality analysis of industrial welding is a challenging field for computer vision. The development of a special camera system by an industrial partner provides the opportunity to acquire images of weld seams in realtime, during welding. We address the problems of robust weld seam tracking, mapping and automated defect detection.
Microscopy Image Segmentation
Morphometric enumeration of the hallmark features of steatosis and steatohepatitis in murine liver tissues. The problem of robust segmentation of specific structures in microscopy images is addressed.
Pose Estimation of Known 3D Objects using Catadioptric Stereo and Planar Mirrors
Industrial automated manufacturing of objects or components often requires knowledge of their orientation or pose. In this project a setup is presented which computes the pose of a visible object from a single image over catadioptric stereo relations. The underlying software is also able to reconstruct the visual hull. Object pose estimation is done in realtime, which means approximately 200ms per object including positioning by a robot end effector.
Catadioptric Stereo & Visual Hull
The aim of this project is to compute 3D reconstructions and shapes from mirror images. The advantage of this stereo system is that no synchronization between multiple cameras is necessary. Additionally, geometric relations between camera and mirror(s) can be used in order to calibrate the whole setup. In order to be able to capture mirror images, a prototype will be constructed in the laboratory.
Fast Method to Measure Fiber Diameter and Diameter Distribution in Melt Blown Polypropylene Webs
Polypropylene nonwovens produced by melt blow technology are widely used in various fields. The quality of melt blown PP nonwovens is determined by web structure, such as porosity and thickness, as well as fiber properties. Within this project novel software is developed to characterize fiber diameter and fiber diameter distribution from SEM pictures of melt blown PP webs. This is done by fiber centerline detection and adjacent radius estimation for a large amount of fibers visible in images of different magnification. Resulting measurements are finally visualized as histogram, showing the fiber diameter distribution.
3D Reconstruction and Geographical Referencing of Lightning Discharges
A computer vision setup is presented for the automated detection and multi-view 3D reconstruction of lightning discharges. The system is designed to operate autonomously in a continuous mode and provide accurate position information of the lightning discharge path and impact point relative to its surrounding area. Extensive tests in a medium scale laboratory environment show that a relative measurement accuracy of 1:200 is reachable with VGA resolution cameras.


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